Monday, April 27, 2009


Good Morning Beautifuls!

Did you notice how gorgeous you are?.. Did you greet yourself this morning with a smile full of love? Perhaps a hug...I sure hope so. You're so worth it!

Our good news comes out of the ATL on today. WXIA(11Alive), a local television station began "Random Acts of Kindness" awhile ago. This is how it goes....

How Does This Work? 11Alive News Today is waking people up all over Metro Atlanta with a random act of kindness. Maybe it's a free cup of coffee or paying for your parking for the day. When we did it, we gave out a card -- green, blue, orange, purple, or tan. Each card has a number on it.

Here's where you come in.

Take the card and pass it on. Do something nice for someone; if your neighbor is moving, carry a couple of boxes. If your co-worker needs a ride to work, clear some space in your backseat. Whatever it is you do, we want to know about it, and that's why we put numbers on each card.

If you have a card in your possession, use this form to see where the card has been and what random acts of kindness it's been a part of. We'd also love it if you would to tell us how you got it -- did someone offer you a good parking spot at the store? Help you fix your computer? Or was it as simple as your next-door neighbor taking out your trash? Whatever it was, tell us about it and help us track the cards we're giving out.

Now, we're not trying to be vicarious or anything, but we're curious as to how you passed the card on. If you've got some pictures or a little video you shot with your cell phone, we'd love to see either one. There's a photo gallery below where you can upload your pictures, and if you took some video, upload it.

Help 11Alive News Today make Metro Atlanta a little nicer for everyone. Because karma is good.

I love this idea. I think it is so sweet. Stuff like this can make a person's day.
What do you think? What's something good going on in your world?...
Btw, how was your weekend?...

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  1. Today was a very busy day yet it was wonderful and lovely all mixed together. My weekend was like today, in fact, today was a spill over from the weekend. It's all good.

    How was you weekend and day today?


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