Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday I Drove Home in Silence

Good Morning Beautifuls!

Have you ever felt a need for silence. I mean a peaceful, calming silence. Well, I really felt that need on yesterday. Normally, I listen to either the Michael Baisden show or surf stations (depending on my mood) on the home from work. But yesterday I just couldn't take the radio anymore. I needed a little peace.. some quiet. So I did what I normally do not do. I turned the radio off and drove home in silence. I just could not stand another moment of bad news, silly news, political news, economic news or news about ANYTHING. I couldn't listen to the noise. I just needed some quiet time to center my thoughts. Quiet time to meditate or "fall still" as Drumil at WLIR refers to it. And I must say it felt better.

For a while now, I have been feeling the need to fast(along with prayer & meditation). With so much going on between competitions, practices, not enough sleep, work, economic news & concerns, household maintenance and "you-fill-in-the-blank", this feeling has turned into an urging. Which, I'm sure, is really close to becoming a necessity.

So tell me, whatever your religion, faith or belief system is...do you practice meditation and/or fasting? What do you do to recenter yourself?...

Also, for those of you who've done a juice fast: How can I accomplish one if I have no juicer. What is the next best thing? I probably will not be able to purchase the juicer I want until this Summer so some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I do that sometimes, too - the radio gets so irritating and I need time to sort out my thoughts. I don't really meditate, so turning off the radio becomes the nest closest thing I have to center myself.

  2. Sometimes I turn the radio off - but it's more to hear the sounds of the car and road than it is anything else.

  3. I have been turning off the radio lately, and reflecting on life. I get tired of hearing the same songs on the radio. But, I do groove to my CD's, lately I have been listening to Ledisi. I love her CD. I really would like to start fasting, and meditating again.

  4. I've got to get back into my cd's. Most of the times I drive home in silence. The other half, I'm on the phone! Haha! But Ardern's garden has a 2-day juice fast by the way. @ whole foods

  5. Tru2me, thanks!! I knew there had to be a way!!
    Much Love,

  6. I know what you mean about wanting silence sometimes. I got rid of a TV long ago and haven't looked back. There are some many other, more productive things we can do with our time than stare at the tube.

    I'm currently juice fasting and have fasted several times before. It is best to use a juicer but you can use a blender, ideally a high speed blender, to extract the juice from many fruits and vegetables, then strain it with cheesecloth or a fine sieve.

    Another thing is you could try fasting with or supplementing your fast or juice feast with herbal tea. My favorite is Yogi Tea - both Detox and Fasting teas. Also, Yogi Ginger Tea is great too.

  7. Thanks for the info., Ingrid! I am totally impressed that you ditched your TV. Wow!! That is admirable!

  8. I am meditating and Praying now. I just started Kriya Babaji Yoga (Hatha) and I feel very good. Just a lil sore but good.
    Prayer is me talking to God and Meditation is me talking to me.


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