Thursday, March 26, 2009


Good Morning Beautifuls!

I hope that you are having a beautiful and wonderful day/week! It's a rainy day in Jawjah (literally). We're supposed to have rain through this weekend. God knows we need it.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on some things to better myself which, will in turn, better my online journal or blog as we call it. I'm currently putting together a hair regimen (for myself) which is coming along well. And at the same time, I'm working on a overall health, well-being regimen. That is a work in progress but is coming along. On both fronts, I hope to be able to share better organized and more detailed information on my journey overall. So pardon me if I skip a few days here and there as I am working/marinating on some things.

Oh, I haven't forgot about posting pics of my hair since the protective style challenge ended on the 20th. I was so happy with the progress I saw that I decided to bun my hair back up (smile), so I'll post pics on Monday.

What's happening in your world?...


  1. I'm all about progression and trying to better yourself... I wonder what are you tinkering with over there? if you don't mind, share



  2. Hi No!
    I'll shoot you an email this weekend.

  3. It's Monday! Where are the pics? LOL

  4. Uh oh, Fleurzty!! I sure was hoping you all forgot. I'm so slack w/photos!


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