Monday, March 2, 2009


Good Morning Beautifuls!

The above picture is what we got in the "A" on yesterday. Pretty much all day long. It was absolutely beautiful coming down, however the air/ground temps were a bit too warm for it to really stick until the sun began to go down. So I was a bit disappointed by that. I want more snow. More like 5 to 8 inches that will stick around for a couple of days. Not a half-day or barely a day.

Our weather has been so weird lately. On Friday and Saturday, our temps were just in the 60's. I swear I was out and about on Saturday in 3 qtr length top w/a tank top under it and some slacks. Then God just flipped the script on Sunday to a totally different flow.

I must apologize for my sporadic posting. I'm having vacuum cleaner issues and I have a cat. Combine these tWo factors and you get a recipe for a high level of "allergens" in the home. And yes, it is affecting me. Itching skin and all. I just popped a benadryl last night. (Yes, I'm getting desperate if I'm taking medicine like that). However, I did purchase a vacuum cleaner that is supposed to be really good when it comes to sucking up pet hair. No, it was not that Dyson D17, D14, or whichever number it is for their pet vacuum. That $500 investment is on my future list. Can't do that right now. The only thing is that I had to order it because they didn't carry it in the store. So you know when it gets here, I'll probably vacuum the whole place twice.

Well, that's what been going on in my world. Oh, I did go to a nice Mediteranean restaurant named Zaya. (I'm still doing birthday dinners.) It's a nice spot with a cool vibe and good food. If you're in the "A" or ever visit, you may want to check them out. Oh, I've also been enjoying Jamie Foxx's new CD "Intuition". I purchased based on Urbancurlz mention of it. (Btw, great blogger.) I must say that it is a good CD. It got me through Friday's traffic hour.

Well, that's enough about me. What's going on in your world?....


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your allergy situation :-(

    Houston is even worse than Atlanta with the weather switches. How bout on Friday it reache 81, then Saturday night it was in the 30s?

    As for me, I'm just trying to get my research projects together for school, and cook more. My husband and I have come to a financial solution to our struggle so we are both feeling relieved and more otimistic.

    Have a magical day!

  2. 81 to 30's!! Whoa!!

    I feel you regarding finances. I'm getting rid of the landline since me and my daughter have cell phones. Also, (and it kills me to do this) getting rid of the cable and just keeping internet. Girl, you know I'm going thru some withdrawals but the sacrifice must be made. I'm at peace with this decision from a financial standpoint.

  3. GIRL! I know what you mean. I managed to break 2 vacuums and with...6...cats running around, you can imagine how bad it gets.

    I hope you got the Shark Power Pet. It's AMAZING. Very small, but wonderfully efficient at getting everything up.

  4. 6 CATS!! Ooh, honey!
    I didn't get the Shark Power Pet but I'll keep it in mind if this Bissell Pet vacuum doesn't work out.

  5. I have more than enough of the white stuff. How much can I send your way? :D

    High of 18 degrees today here in the arctic tundra. Atlanta's sounding pretty good right about now.

  6. Lol earthmother. =)

  7. More so?

    This snow thing gets really old, fast.

    Trust me.


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