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Hi Beautifuls!

I hope that your world is lovely. I've missed blogging for these few days. Feels as if I've been gone forever. I'm still tired from the drive back from New Orleans (mainly because I needed another night of early bed rest) but I'll get that back tonight. My daughter's team did very well, although they didn't get a bid to the Worlds Competition (Yes, there is one.) in Orlando. It's all good, though. There's always next season.

Anyhoo, it's seems as if it's been awhile since I've talked about hair so hear goes. I've been having somewhat of a discussion w/a Facebook friend about my hair and I realized that I have so much to say. She'll ask a question or two, and I'll answer it in the midst of rambling about other hair stuff. I am seriously smitten with my natural hair! A year and a half into to it and I'm still as hyped as I was the day I did my BC (big chop). So in today's post, I decided to share the first questions and my response. Keep in mind that new products are being tried and I'm still working on a regimen.

Hey there!

You mentioned you use henna the other day. How exactly do you use it? What are the benefits for you? Did I hear you say Miss Jessie's too? Curious minds want to know about your great hair!

March 12 at 3:53pm
Thanks for the compliment Lady!

I honestly do not currently have a regimen but I am trying to formulate one. I have been participating in a protective growth challenge which ends next Friday. Hopefully, by then I will have mapped out a productive regimen of some sorts b/c my ultimate goal is to have shoulder length hair unstretched.

Which brings me to answering your questions.
I found out about henna when lurking the naturallycurly Curltalk forums (Http:// It is the very first thread on the page w/the henna experience title. It’s an ongoing, very long thread but also very informative. Henna acts like a protein. It binds to your hair during the process thereby adding strength to it. It’s also a great conditioner. For some, it loosens the curl pattern, temporarily and in others permanently. ( I’ve watched CurlyNikki’s hair texture change over time from it’s use.) Some people don’t experience this loosening at all. Some experience more curl definition. I’ve noticed that this effect is not contingent on any particular hair texture or type. It really just depends on your hair. I have yet to experience any change in my texture (and I would prefer not). This may be my hair or the fact that I don’t do a full henna every week. I try to henna bi-weekly. I’ve alternated between the Yemen (highest die content) henna and the Jamila henna.

CurlyNikki, has a very simple video on henna application. (I’m a visual person so this really helped me) It’s straight to the point.
It is

I order my henna from They also have a henna forum page on You can great information on this site. also has a free ebook regarding henna that you can download. I would recommend anyone considering using henna to read this first. I will probably try ordering from Their henna prices seem cheaper.

As far as hair care is concerned, I do a WHOLE LOT of research on the internet and I’m open to trying different things. Which I suppose leads into me being a product junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I so admire every lady who is real simple w/their hair routine. They’ve obviously found something that works and sticks w/it. Lol. I’ll get there one day. I’m having way too much fun right now. I guess it also helps that I’m still excited about my hair! Can’t help it! It was 5 long years before I finally got the nerve to do my BC. Worrying about what other folks would think or say. Whateva! I’m having so much fun now just doin’ me! And I think it should be that way generally in life.

Please let me say that I have had and still do have some bad hair days and hair issues. I’ve come to realize that they are just a part of life, regardless of hair texture and type. With more length my issue has become knots and tangles. Pain in the azz. I’m working on and researching the best ways to take care of these bothersome things.

As far as Miss Jessie’s products are concerned let me be honest. I used to hate that product line. I first used it when I did my BC because that’s what they used at the salon (Urbanbella) I had it done at. I hated the fact that the pudding made my hair crunchy. Then I thought it way too expensive. So I put it down. It didn’t act the way I felt it should for the price tag attached to it. It’s funny though. It seems that your (or at least my) hair changes as it grows. I suppose its needs change and now Miss Jessie’s products are fine. I just make sure I put moisture under it (a leave-in of some sorts). Also, I don’t use her products all the time and I make sure that when I do I use a clarifying shampoo b/c of some of the ingredients. And most importantly, only purchase during a sale. As far as how I use it, I apply it (Curly Meringue) to soaking wet sections of my hair in smoothing/smoosh-in strokes. Meaning, I take a little of the meringue and smoosh it into a section of hair while smoothing the hair from root to tip.

Anyhoo, hair care sites are great!! I’ve learned so much from them and different blogs. I’m also kind of following different folks hair care routines like Chicoro. She has a book out now that I hopefully will get next week entitled, “Grow It”. She has a really informative fotki. Especially, her tutorials. (Again, visual) I like the one regarding moisture.

Here’s a list of my favs: (click on hair journeys) (fellow Atl blogger)

My Fav products that work for me:

Cleansers- (not often, maybe twice a month)
Devacurl NoPoo (great no-poo shampoo)
ACV rinse

Condish- (co-wash 2 to 3 times/wk depending on hair)
Elucence Moisture Balancing Condish (heavenly. good as leave-in))
Moisture Milks V05 Condish (I don’t know why Suave doesn’t work well for me)

Deep Condish- (usually do weekly)
Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment (good as leave-in also)
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (usually combine w/jessicurl wdt)
Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery (good deep condish but still phasing out)

Kinky-Curly Knot Today (wonderful detangler/leave-in) I can use this by itself

Moisturizers- (errday)
Qhemet burdock root buttercreme
Curls Milkshake (use during warm weather. will probably phase out)
Miss Jessie’s buttercreme (only use w/Miss Jessie’s stylers. Not big on)
Qhemet Honey Bush Tea Soft gel
Long Aid Curl Activator (got this from Chicoro’s fotki. Awesome moisture. Awesome detangler. Has great slip. Best used alone w/a gel, maybe)

Kinky-Curly Curling custard (use during warm weather)
Curls Whipped Cream (use during warm weather. will probably phase out)
Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding (trying this one out. Don’t like the way it feels going on but dries oh-so softly.)
Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue
Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Crème
IC Hair Polisher gel

Qhemet Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm (great sealer)
Qhemet Indian Macassar Conditioning Oil
Coconut Oil (only during warm weather)

Various Treatments
henna (strength/conditioning)
Vatika Oil (great for oil treatments. Can typically find at Indian stores. Try to do once a week. Apply and sleep in. wash out in a.m.)
Komaza Care Hair Nourishment Oil (great scalp/growth oil)
Hairveda Cocasta Shikakai Hair Oil (don’t like. will give away)

I hope that this answers your questions. As you can probably tell, I am truly still excited about my hair. So on that note, I apologize for being so extremely long-winded. I knew I would. Probably why it took me a minute to answer you.

Peace and Blessings!

Alot of the links listed above can be found in my hairsites blogroll on the right. Sorry, too tired to go through them all and attach the links. And please keep in mind that as a PJ (product junkie), I am still trying new products and combinations. Right now, I'm testing Aubrey Organics B5 gel. Tomorrow, I'll post the second part of the conversation.

Feel free to drop your two cents in!


  1. Hi Girl,
    Cute photo and this is great info. I'm definitely applying some of your regimen to my own! Ms. M

  2. Great Info! What is your hair type? I was considering doing a henna treatment, I'm a little scared tho.

  3. Hi LoveMeMore! Honestly, I'm not sure what it is. Hairtyping is confusing to me. Based on what I've read, my guess would be 4b or 4a. Sorry. Not too sure.

    As far as doing a henna treatment.. don't be scurred. Make sure you do your research and a patch test before diving in head first. Also, I forgot to mention that you should always always always do a deep condition afterwards a henna treatment.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Great post - very informative :o)

  5. Great post, lady. Keep growing!

  6. Woohoo! My question made it to your blog! Awesome post by the way!

  7. (laughin') I had so much to say I just had to put it out there.

    Thanks tru2me!


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