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Hi Beautifuls!

This is part deux of the hair conversation that I began sharing w/you on yesterday. I've modified and added to my responses because I kept thinking of other things I needed to add.

I think we are about the same texture, so I was very curious as to what you were using on your hair. I used to be a huge Qhemet fan. Don't know why I stopped using. I'm going to go to Eden's and grab or order some more.

When you twist, do you twist wet or dry? And what do you use to twist? Miss Jessie's?

I feel my PJism coming back!

March 17 at 9:12pm
Ooh, when I twist is the question. In trying to come up w/a regimen, I will probably start putting my hair in twists or braids at night. During the Summer, I did twist outs alot w/Curls Whipped Cream. It gave me awesome twist/twist-outs but I'm not sure if I'm gonna repurchase them or phase them out. I may have twisted w/Qhemet's Burdock Root Buttercreme once but prefered the results w/Curls Whipped Cream. Hmmm, may have to hold onto that unless or until I find something I like better.

Another thing that I haven't mastered yet (and am partly afraid of) is dry twisting. Really dry-handling my hair, I just can't see. I always wet my hair whether it's just dampening it or fully saturating it. I do believe in moisture and water is the only thing that's gonna do that. At least for me.
I've read about people using Miss Jessie's products to twist but I have yet to do that. I'm still doing the wash-n-go thing when I wear my hair loose. (I promise you I still love to shake my hair and go.)

But as I may have mentioned before, as my hair gets more length to it it seems to become more susceptible to knots/tangles. I was reading on about someone having this same issue. (Well, actually alot of people do, including Chicoro) Well, it got to the point where this particular person was so frustrated (and she has ALOT of hair so I can only imagine her level of frustration) that she began considering texturizing her hair. Instead she began putting it into protective styles and her knots/tangles issues were drastically reduced. Which is moving me to continue mainly protective styling for my hair.

I'm working on growing my hair to get it to shoulder length unstretched. During the week, I've been bunning. The protective style challenge I'm participating in (found this on calls for protective-styling 5 days protective-style w/2 days off. It ends this Friday.

Okay, I am so off the subject of your questions. My apologies again.


The picture at the top is for those of you who have inquired about my hairtype. The above photo is a backshot of my hair. I tried to upload the texture close-up but for whatever reason it's not acting right (or I just don't quite know what I'm doing). Either way, as you can see my hair is very coily. I honestly don't focus on hairtyping because it confuses the mess out of me. Regardless of Andre's system or the LOIS system, I still end up totally confused. For me, it's just too many shades of grey. What I can confidently tell you is that I know my hair is very coily and that it can take a while to dry.

So..onto my current hair issue:
As part of my reign of terror on knots & tangles, I've incorporated oil treating into my pseudo regimen. I've been applying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at night and lightly rinsing in the morning. Then bunning my hair back up. About once a week, I will use my beloved Vatika Oil (can't say enough about it). I have to say that the oil treatments seem to be helping alot. And let me add this, when I first went "au naturale", oil did not work for me. My hair just wouldn't get with it. Even Qhemet products where shunned by my tresses. But now, I'm good. As long as I stick w/the lighter oils, everythings wonderful. (My hair is still not feelin' Castor Oil.) I attribute this to gained length and knowledge of the application process. I said this to say, "Be willing/open to revisit a product that you may have given up on". Even if a product doesn't initially seem to work for you, it may work for you later. It could be a length factor, it may be that it's not being applied to the hair correctly, or it could be the condition of your hair. You never know. Just be open to try.

Also, for those of you considering adding henna treatments to your regimen, please do your research and a strand test first. You can click here for a free ebook on henna. If it's all good and you do henna, always always always follow it with a deep condition.

Much Love


  1. Great post - and thanks for the ebook link :o)

  2. Thanks! Happy to help and be helped!

  3. Great, great post. I've been natural since 1993, but loc'ed since Jan. 2008. I'm having some issues with them :-). You are appreciated!

  4. Althea, you're appreciated, also!
    Thanks for coming thru!

  5. Ooh, look at those curls-n-coils! They look so healthy and springy!

  6. Dry twisting has worked for me! I'll braid my hair (after washing and detangling). Once "dry" (Takes awhile for my hair to dry!), I'll undo the braids, grab and twist!

  7. Hi tru2me!
    Thanks for the description. I may give this a try!


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