Friday, March 6, 2009


I hope that you've had a wonderful week! I have. And I'm writing this post just for you. Yes you!

I cannot tell you how much this song moves me! It was love at first note! And I'm totally lovin' Musiq's falsetto on this. Every time I hear it I immediately get the warm fuzzies. Seriously! It just does it for me!

Well...on this first Friday of March, I am dedicating this song to you. It's a simple reminder for all of you lovelies. Black, White, Asian, Latino, biracial, tall, short, slim, volumptious...whichever category(ies) you fall in. Yes, you with the freckles and front tooth gap, too!! You're fabulous!!

Do you know how gorgeous you are?.. If you haven't realized it yet, then go to the mirror right now. Take a good look at yourself & if you don't see it say it! Yes, say it as you look in the mirror. "Hi Beautiful!" "I love your (fill-in-the-blank)!" "You sure are gorgeous!" And if you don't feel it, say it everyday until you do!!

Because you are....
So Beautiful

Have a wonderful weekend!
And as always, "Do you", and something for you.

Much Love,

P.S. I am so hyped about "Watchmen". (Yes, I am a bit of a sci-fi geek.) Smooches...


  1. This was just on time for me! My sister, I thank you for this. Your beauty, spirit, words of encouragement, friendship, loyalty, and style all make up the Beautiful woman in you! Ms. M

  2. u think the watchman will be even close to the book

  3. Hey Torrance!
    Never read the book. I saw the movie and enjoyed it for what it was. However, I do understand that movie's (based upon writings) tend to give a somewhat filtered glimpse of a book. Sometimes even totally altered. I take it you've read the book. What do you think?..


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