Friday, March 20, 2009


Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones!!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week. Mine has been long but still good. And yet, this weekend I will still be running. It's cool, though. I get to go out with a good friend, go visit a new baby, a salon opening and a raw foods meetup. In between which, I will be getting my henna on. Whoa!

What's on your list this weekend? Are you doing something for you?....


  1. Over here in NY its snowing on the first day of spring!!! Oy.

  2. Yay for sunshine and warmth. I have to say that the coming of Spring is really nice, even though I miss my snowboarding. :)

    Cool blog, I just found it form Ingrid's site!


  3. Hi FlowerChild! Sorry to hear about the snow. Hopefully, it will clear up so that you all can get some warmth and sunshine.

    Hi Heather! Snowboarding sounds like funtimes! Thanks for checking my blog out. Hope you come thru again!

  4. I think spring has sprung here in the arctic tundra. I saw a Robin red breast yesterday, so that's a sure sign that warmer temps are on the way. Maya & I are going to take a nice long hike in the woods this afternoon.

    Have fun at your raw meet-up. What goodies are you bringing to share?

  5. Hi earthmother!

    Wow! The artic tundra sounds beautiful and exciting! How long have you lived there?..
    Btw, I took greens to the meetup.

  6. i love flowers especially the ones i grow in my yard


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