Friday, February 6, 2009

Wanna Put A Little Heat Into Your Valentine's..

Happy Friday Beautifuls!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week. Mine has been good. Just trying to work with the yo-yo temperatures that we have going on here. A day ago, our high only reach 30 (maybe 32) with a low in the teens. This weekend, we're supposed to get up into the 60's. Weather gone wild, I say!

Anyhoo, seeing as Valentine's Day is approaching I was thinking about ways that you could heat things up for your loved one. So yes, I will be touching on that so more next week. As I stated in my 25 Random Things About Me post. I am a romantic (a romantic realist if you can figure that one out). And although, I don't presently have a Valentine I'm still excited about it. Hell, I think I'm gonna buy myself some roses (or a pretty bouquet) and treat myself to a candlelight herbal soak with some serenading music and a glass of wine and..(clearing my throat). Sorry, I got a little caught up. (blushes) I was saying there are some ways to warm things up. Today, I wanna touch on the herbal side of things to help warm up your body in this chilly weather. In herbology, herbs are perceived to have varying combinations of qualities and degrees of each quality, too. Herbs can be both heating and drying, or heating and moistening. It can be cooling and drying, or cooling and moistening. One herb can be very warming, while another may be just slightly warming. But both are considered heating herbs

Heating herbs are believed to produce warmth in the body. Generally speaking, all of the aromatic herbs, such as anise and caraway, are considered warming. Many of the bitter herbs, such as Oregon grape, are also classified as heating.

Ginger is another heating herb that is assigned properties similar to those of cayenne. But ginger's center of activity is defined as lying primarily in the internal organs. In the traditional European system, it is thought to create a type of heat that stays inside the body; Ginger is therefore used by herbalists in the winter and in more northern climates. They employ it as a remedy for colds and to "strengthen" the kidneys and bladder. These differences between cayenne and ginger are due to the body's different centers of activity for each herb.

Just a little something regarding heating things up. Not what you expected? Well check me out next week. We'll have a little fun, eh.

What are your plans for the weekend? I'll be in and out of town for cheerleading competitions. I also plan on hennaing (Is that a real word?) my hair this weekend. That will also be another post.

Have a wonderful weekend, Beautifuls! And as always, do you!


  1. Lol at your lil moment of getting carried away. I personally, don't think that Valentine is only for lovers. I used to live it up on Valentines when I was single. Very interesting info on ginger. You have some wonderful links on raw diets. I'll definately check them out. ARe you also the creator of Afrobella?

  2. Hey Quiskaeya!

    Thanks for checking my blog out! No, I'm not the creator of Afrobella. I love her blog and visit it daily though. She's also a sweetie w/great information!


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