Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Hi Beautifuls!

I know I've been m.i.a. longer than I said I would but I'm back now! After recuping from Cheersport Nationals I had so many errands to run. A couple of which included me getting my cartag and renewing my license. I had tried to renew my license earlier this week but the systems had crashed so my hour and a half long wait counted for nothing. I was so disappointed because I wore my hair out and it was bangin'! Damn you crashed computers! Anyhoo, I renewed it this morning my bun. (Still cute but not what I really wanted.) Ooh, I can't wait for March 20th! Which brings me to the subject of hair.

I received a note from regarding choosing the right products for your curls. And being a self-professed product junkie, I was immediately drawn in. (And yes, Curljunkie products are on my wishlist of hair goodies to try.) Here's the excerpt that caught my attention the most.

Weather plays a huge part. If it's a humid or rainy day outside, you know that you need to grab the extra moisturizing conditioner and/or use a moisturizing leave-in product (so your hair is saturated with moisture and won't try to "grab" it from the air, causing frizz and expansion) and then use a styling product to help "seal" hair and keep frizzies at bay. If it's dry outside, you want to use a product (especially a leave-in or styler) with more emollients (which help smooth and protect the hair shaft) than humectants (which grab moisture from the air) to help keep moisture in the hair shaft and not have the dry air try to "steal" it, which can cause frizzies as well.

I've read this before on other blogs and sites, but this was only after the Winter season had begun. So I definitely want to be prepared when the warm, humid weather comes so that I can use my hair products appropriately. I'm almost at a year and a half of being all-natural and I am definitely still learning things.

Well, I just had to drop in and spread a little knowledge. My birthday is this Sunday so I will be celebrating this weekend.

I hope that you have a great weekend! And be sure to do something for you!
What are your happening in your world, Beautiful?....


  1. yes indeed, when u gone make it by my store for dogs for the weekend - ojays lol

  2. Hi Torrance! Haven't forgotten about your store. I'll come check it out once my schedule calms down. If I had my cute little yorkie, I'm sure I'd be by sooner.

  3. Great advice. I really need to take a better informed approach when it comes to hair.

    Happy early birthday, my dear!


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