Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Good Morning Beautifuls!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day/week despite all the economic news! I've been wondering how is everyone managing their lives. We hear so much about the economy and the stimulus package, what state is gonna accept which conditions of it, the new job losses of the day, etc. etc., that we miss out on things that people are doing to save money and/or how to bring more money into your household.

One of my purposes for 2009, is to get a side-hustle. My problem is figuring out which one would be best for me. I know about a million folks doing Mary Kay, a qtr of a million pushing melaleuca products, and another qtr of a million doing Primerica.

My questions to you all are: What are you doing to stay afloat in this stormy economic season? What side-hustle is working for you? What cut-backs have you made in your household?....


  1. I wish I had one...I do some side blogging and slang a crocheted piece or two. Nothing major.

    As far as cutbacks go...the landline is gone and I'm thisclose to nixing the cable.

  2. InstantVintage, it's funny you mentioned "nixing the cable". I've been considering downgrading my cable to basic. That is gonna be a major change for me cause there are some channels that I really like to watch.

  3. My side hustle - my goal for this year is to actually sell some of my hair products - I have been giving them away as gifts to my family, friends and clients for years -- I also want to turn all of my freelance - non paying ones - into paying jobs.

  4. Thanks for the input, Laquita! I have a feeling that I will be taking up some sort of business on top of cutting down some of my unnecessary expenses.

    The PJ in me would love to hear some more about your hair products. Amd yes, I did just go from talking about cutting expenses to a peaked interest in products. What can I say?.. I am a PJ.


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