Thursday, February 12, 2009

123 Book Meme

Guess what?!... I've been tagged again! Courtesy of BohemianBookworm. He-e-ey gu-u-urrll! And in order not to overload and potentially go mad on all the wonderful Valentine shenanigans, I'm participating. (Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy it. I just don't get carried away with it. Gotta have balance!) Well, also because I find this very interesting.

The game: open the nearest book to page 123 and reproduce the 6-8th sentence.
"During these transition times when the natural energies are in the extremes, it is beneficial to eat lightly and be particularly careful to follow a balanced, harmonious lifestyle. Fall is usually a time of cooling temperatures and increased wind. These two forces aggravate the vata dosha."

Okay, I gots some 'xplainin' to do. This excerpt comes from the book "Conscious Eating" by Gabriel Cousens. Cousens is one of the leading living foods authorities.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. is an internationally celebrated spiritual teacher, author, lecturer, world peace worker, and physician of the soul. He is the world’s foremost physician promoting live food nutrition for physical health and spiritual growth. He received his M.D. degree from Columbia Medical School in 1969, and completed his psychiatry residency in 1973. As a leading researcher and practitioner in the field of rejuvenation, he specializes in the healing of many chronic degenerative diseases. To the healing process he also brings experience as a homeopathic physician (M.D. (H)), Diplomate in Ayurveda, family therapist, and live-food nutritionist.

Dr. Cousens is also a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.), a Rebbe who has received rabbinical initiation, a student of Ecstatic Kabbalah since 1986, a certified Senior Essene Teacher in the Kabbalistic tradition, a recognized Yogi, a four-year Sundancer adopted into the Lakota Nation, and the White Buffalo Spirit Dance Chief.

He is the author of a number of titles, including Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, Spiritual Nutrition, Depression-Free for Life, Sevenfold Peace, and Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing, co-authored with David Wagner, the creator of the Tachyon process. Dr. Cousens presents seminars worldwide on many topics including health and nutrition, psycho-spiritual healing, meditation, and spiritual awareness.

Dr. Cousens founded and directs the Tree of Life Foundation, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and Tree of Life Health Practice in Patagonia, Arizona. He is a frequent guest on popular radio talk shows, and has published articles in health journals and popular magazines on a number of health, nutrition, and social topics. Visit his website at

And as you may or may not be able to tell, it is deep.

Conscious Eating has been referred to as the "Bible of Vegetarians," for both beginners and advanced students of health. This classic work in the field of live-food nutrition is an inspirational journey and a manual for life. Included is new information on enzymes, vegetarian nutrition for pregnancy, and an innovative international 14-day menu of gourmet, Kosher, vegetarian, live-food cuisine, plus 150 recipes.

In the above excerpts, the book is referring to the "vata dosha". The term "dosha" refers to a person's individual mind-body or psychophysiological constitution. You generally may hear it used when dealing with the Ayurvedic system. The term "Ayurveda" means "science of daily living". At the risk of not putting you to sleep or causing your brain to explode, I'll just leave it at that.

I honestly am taking my time reading this book. Not because it's 814 pages long. That's no biggie. It's because this book uses alot of new terms for me and calls for serious reader participation. It calls on you to examine everything in your life and how food plays a part in it. I am honestly having to read it in "sips". It's an awesome book!

If you decide to participate in this game, let me know so that I can check out your answers. I'm curious to see what everyone is reading.



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