Friday, January 9, 2009


Happy Friday Beautifuls!

I hope that all is well in your world. I just wanted to share some positivity for this Friday. In conversation with a few people I keep hearing the terms "positive thinking" and "positive affirmations". I'm glad that I kept hearing this because I was beginning to feel a bit funky so these conversations definitely helped to snap me out of it. Although these phrases and those like them are nothing new I do believe it is always current and necessary to our well-being. So I decided to share an excerpt from Philip McCluskey's blog LovingRaw. I just love his attitude!

Trusting in the Universe has been a wonderful learning process for me. Leaning that I manifest the world around me. Learning there is no such thing as coincidence. Learning that I am a co-creator, not a victim. Learning that the responsibility is all mine. Learning that the universe only has good things for me. Learning to be still, and know that everything is perfect.

The Best
I came to find that living a life with the attitude of having the “The Best Day Ever,” everyday, presented more than I could ever hope or dream for. I decided not to put my future in a box, but rather be completely open to whatever was to come. Expecting the best in every situation and being in a space of gratitude no matter what was gifted to me.

Here are a couple tools I found that helped me along the way:

1. Affirmations. Most people have a terrible day because subconsciously they don’t feel that they deserve anything good in life, usually do to a lack of self-love. You can reverse that by affirming it to yourself in the mirror daily. I dare you. Do it until you actually believe yourself, or until you crack up laughing.

2. Creating Your Day. Create your day by writing down exactly how you want your day to go. It is quite simple, and should take less than 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t be skimpy on the details either. If you are having a problem with a co-worker, write down how you would like them to act towards you, seeing that person as cordial and pleasant. Whatever the situation, see it in your mind and write it down.

3. Visualization. Take 30 minutes once or more a week and picture your future, the way you want it to be. Write your own movie where you get to be the star. Your goal may be to lose 40 pounds, and go to work in a new tailored pinstripe suit. If that is the case, picture yourself as that person in your minds eye, trim, strong, muscular, confidant, and looking amazing in your new suit. Picture what it feels like when you walk around and interact with people. Feel the emotion of the moment. The emotion is what sets it into action.

So whether you struggle with viewing yourself from the perspective of the past…

Or find yourself worrying about your purpose, or who you will be in the future…

Or just plain tired of having days that are “less than the best ever…”

Trust in the Universe.

Take steps to create change.

And smile, because you are loved.

*taken from Philip McCluskey’s blog post, Trusting in the Universe.

I also love gettogetha's beautiful and inspiring quote:
"You are not your past, you are your possibilities".

Lovelies.. take what you can from this and then marinate on it.
Have a wonderful weekend and remember "Do You".



  1. Lovely post. I loved that quote from GetTogetha as well.

  2. well said and have a blessed 2009 - ps i added u to my blog roll

  3. Diva,
    You have done it again! I am overdosing myself with positivity this year. Love ya much! Ms. M

  4. Happy Friday Chocolate Orchid!

    Living from the depths of your spirit is such a beautiful way to live life; but its a job that requires daily practice. People and situations will test you

    Self Love is a work in progress but it comes from the knowing that you are a miracle. A walking, breathing, talking, communicative miracle.

    It's nice to vibe with like energy.



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