Thursday, January 29, 2009

RAWphoriaLIVE Winnings Update!!

Happy Friday Beautifuls!

I hope that you've had a wonderful week! My week has been going well. Just the usual business. On yesterday, I got home to discover that my winnings form the RAWphoriaLive giveaway (hosted by Raw Epicurean) had arrived! Yay Me!! My gifts included (Cilantro-Lime flavor) Corntilla chips, (Tomato Basil flavor) Crackers, & RAWnola (granola) in nutty berry flavor.

My favorite is the RAWnola, which is basically unprocessed, uncooked granola. The nutty berry flavor is totally delish! It's naturally sweet with dates, agave nectar, and apples. And chocked full of natural goodness. It definitely quenched my sweet tooth. The Corntilla Chips I picked were the Cilantro Lime flavor. Oh my God!! The burst of flavor that I experienced when I put one in my mouth was outta this world! I think I'm gonna pair it with some fresh salsa. Yummy. The last item I received are the Crackers in tomato basil flavor. The aroma is wonderful & puts me in the mind of bread crisps that you would receive in an Italian or Mediterranean restaurant before a meal. The texture is something that I'll have to get used to because it's made with flax seeds which I hadn't ventured into yet. But the taste is still good.

All in all, these babies will be traveling with me to work and competitions. Once I've finished them, I'll definitely purchase some gRAWnola and more Corntilla Chips. If your interested, go check out RAWphoriaLive here. As there slogan says, "They are 100% raw. 100% vegan. 100% delicious." So true. These products are also wheat free, gluten free and yeast free.

Thanks again to Ingrid at Raw Epicurean for hosting this giveaway and giving everyone, including myself, an opportunity to win. As I've stated before, she has one of the most stylish and informative raw foods blog. You should check it out!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, with your beautiful self. I plan on it. I'm taking a beginners raw food class on this Saturday and I'm really hyped about it. That's my "do something for me". I'll definitely post on about it next week. Be sure to do something for yourself. And as always, do you.

By the way, what are your plans for the weekend?.....


  1. now u got me hungry lol

    have a great weekend and chk my new post...

  2. Ok, my mouth is watering right now. Thanks for sharing. I love your, "do something for me" idea.

    My plans this w/e will consist of rest and continuing to fight away this cold bug that continues to invade my system.

    Have a fab weekend diva!

  3. RAWphoriaLIVE makes some darn good goodies. I'm happy to know you are enjoying their product. I've had to opportunity to try them all and must say I really enjoy every one of their flavors.

    I can't wait to hear all about the raw food class. By the way, you might want to change your status from wanna-be healthnut diva to healthnut diva. ;-)

  4. Oh, those look and sound yummy. I agree with Ingrid, you are a healthnut diva now. You may wait to change your status til' after your raw food cooking class at the latest.

  5. I've had all of the RAWphoriaLIVE! products and there isn't one bad one. I really dig Nutty Coconut granola...Mmmm. Also, Robin + Kelly (the owners) are really friendly and customer service driven. Two thumbs up!


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