Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Jack Frost Nipping At Your Hair...

Good Morning Beautifuls!

I hope that all is well in your world. I'm doing well although a bit cold. Our temps. today will remain in around 30 degrees. Although our saving grace is that the wonderful sun is out, these type of temps are sure to put a strain on our tresses. This week I've been bunning my hair since I discovered that I am now able to do a bun. Yay me!! However, I was a bit concerned about my hair laying down so my method of choice has been to condition/moisturize/and moisturize some more. I ponytail my hair while in the shower since I detangle there anyway.

While soaking wet,I put a heavy leave-in(s) on it like Sheamoisture Shea Butter Leave-in on top of left in conditioner from the wash. For added protection, I add some Qhemet Heavy Cream or Castor Oil. Then I cover my head with a scarf (maybe a couple) for the night. I put my ponytail in a about 5 or 6 twists and put rod rollers on the end. And in all honesty, in the morning I ride into work with a cute hate over all this. Once I get to the bathroom, I remove everything and finger comb the ponytail hair out and tuck it into a bun. Topping it off w/a nice scrunchie. (By the way, Ulta has some really nice hair accessories.) This is my modified version of Curlynikki's bun video. I don't have all the hair she has but definitely enough to do a pony and bun so it is doable.

I also want to share with you Sage Vivant's post on Cold Weather Hair Care. She has some very good and useful information about ingredients to stay away from and embrace in cold, low-humidity weather.

What are you doing to protect your hair this Winter?.....


  1. Hello Diva!
    You have peaked my interest with SheaMoisture Leave-In. I have been a fan of their lotions and soaps for over a year, but I haven't tried the leave-in. As you know, I'm a "braid-head" again and as you've mentioned we are at war with the Mother Nature! Consistent moisture is definitely my ultimate goal. Since being a "braid-head" again, I'm able to use my sample Qhemet goodies more frequently too! Loving the mist spray especially during this season. Also, you should post a pix of your bun! Take Care
    Ms. M

  2. Hi Ms. M

    You're absolutely right about me needing to post pic's. I will work on that. I'm glad Qhemet is working for you!

  3. First off, yay for the bun! I almost did a cartwheel when I reached bunning status, lol.

    You already know I use Teri's routine. I plan on doing it no matter the weather, but it's especially beneficial in the winter. One braid at night, in the morning take down and apply a dime-to-quarter size of conditioner mixed with some water all over my hair, smoothing in the necessary spots. This keeps my hair moisturized for the winter and keeps it more slippery so it doesn't cling to sweaters and scarves and get broken off.

  4. Ooh... I can't wait to be able to do one braid! And yes, I damn near did a cartwheel when I noticed I could bun.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the great input!

  5. Great entry - it came right on time for me. I am currently wearing protective styles for the summer and really need to concentrate on protecting my ends :o)

  6. Oh Laquita! I'm gonna have to do reading/catching up on your Naptural Hair Story! An online fictional story! That is so cool!!


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