Monday, January 26, 2009

I Won A Giveaway!!

Good Morning Beautifuls!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Although it was very busy, I did! It all started out with me winning a giveaway hosted by Ingrid at Raw Epicurean (a stylish and lovely gourmet raw blog). I've won some products from RAWphorialLive, so I'll definitely post on them once I've tried them.

Let's see, I hit up a housewarming party. And on Sunday, topped off the wonderful weekend witnessing my daughter's team win 1st place at Cheersport Regionals! (Yay!) Right now, I really would rather be chillin' at home but I do have to pay the bills so I'm at work.

How was your weekend?....


  1. Well congrats to you and Ms. Teen-spirit! I could definitely use a little R&R myself, considering the weater is a bit drab today, but as you mentioned the bills must get paid (hi-ho, hi-ho off to work I go). My w/e was cool, met a new guy, who seems a bit interested. We had an interesting conversation about him losing 30 lbs last year through a vegan lifestyle. Interesting, right?! Anyhoo, that opened up the flood gates about nutrition, health, etc. He's also into smoothies (like myself). I'm sure we'll have a lot ideas to share! And yes, I will be picking his brain as I work on losing my 15 lbs. Ms. M

  2. Ooh la la! Meeting someone new is exciting! On top of which, he sounds like he's into a healthy lifestyle!! Go Ms. M!

  3. It always feels like you win the lottery when you win a giveaway! Awesome. I know that was fun to watch your daughter win, too.

  4. Gem, you are so right! It does feel like I won the lottery or something. And yes, it was definitely fun for us (the parents) and the kids! I'm not sure which group has more fun.


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