Thursday, January 22, 2009

Healthy Eating Update

Good Morning Beautifuls!

I just had to share. I have made an observation about my health and it's relation to what I eat. Normally, by this time of year, I am sick with a sinus and/or upper respiratory infection and on some type of antibiotic. Last Spring, I got to thinking that maybe this is due to my eating habits. That after "holiday binging" from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years on cooked foods rich in saturated fats, sugar and God knows what else, my body would become open and prone to illness. Well, given my decision to eat healthier, I decided to observe my body to see if any type illness would hit me and low and behold... I'm not ill with any type infection or on any type of antibiotics. Keep in mind, I'm not 100% raw nor am I trying to be. I'm not vegan but I've drastically cut down on my meat intake to about 15% of my diet. I still eat cooked foods but not like I use to. (Hell, it's too cold not to!) I would say that my diet is maybe 40% raw.

My conclusion is that it is definitely beneficial to eat healthier. I will continue to increase my raw food intake to 75% unless I'm moved to go further. I'll continue to decrease my meat intake to 5% or less unless moved to go further. I've already signed up for a Raw Foods Beginner's course at the end of this month. (And yes, I will be posting about it.) And I'm definitely back on my workout game.

What about you? What are you doing to better your body? And what improvements have you seen because of your changes?...

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  1. This is so, so true. I never really get sick in life (looking back it could be because I'm a picky eater and never ate that much meat even before going vegan); I have never had the flu, chicken pox, anything. But since going vegan I have noticed how good/healthy I feel inside. I get pre-sick at the most (slight run-down feeling) but it always goes away. I really believe your diet has a dramatic impact on your life.


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