Monday, January 5, 2009

Combating Winter Dryness (revisited)

Hi Beautifuls!

I just wanted to update you on my fight with winter dryness. Remember my previous post on this battle. Well, I have been combining my castor oil with e.v. coconut oil and applying it to my still damp skin, immediately after I get out of the shower. After this, I apply my lotion and allow myself to air dry as much as possible.

I must say that this has been working for me. The dry patchiness that I had going on has almost disappeared. And let tell you, it was pretty bad. I simply cannot say enough about these two products. I've posted about Coconut Oil but I'm gonna have to speak on Castor oil real soon.

If you're struggling w/keeping your skin moisturized you may want to try combining your products and applying them to moist skin, like we tend to do for our hair. Same method just different landscape.


  1. Love coconut oil on skin and hair, and I also love jojoba oil.

  2. I love coconut oil i use it for moisturize my body and castor oil mixed with olive oil to my face is really good!

  3. Hi African Chocolate!

    I never thought about using olive oil. I may have to give that a try. I'm always concerned about the oil clogging my pores but I'm not the type of person who wouldn't give it a try!

    Thanks for the input and for stopping by!


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