Monday, December 29, 2008

What Will You Purpose To Do In '09?.....

Hi Beautifuls!

2009 is quickly approaching and I was wondering.. Have you considered/planned for your new year?.. I have.

Here's what's on my list:

1. Take up yoga
2. Run/walk the Peachtree Road Race
3. Get passports for my daughter and I
4. Do a juice fast and purpose to do a fast each quarter
5. Take a raw foods class
6. Reunite myself with consistent work outs
7. Continue to seek personal growth
8. Continue to embrace life and living
9. Continue to seek to understand more & not judge
10. Continue to learn/accept/embrace who I am & hopefully inspire others to do the same
11. Community service
12. Definitely get a side hustle

Gosh, this seemed long as I was typing it up but it's really not. Half of these I've already started working on. What can I say.. I'm always on this continuous journey of self-improvement of physical, mental, and spiritual. I suppose I see learning and improving myself as a lifelong journey that I've come to embrace. Sometimes I really enjoy it. Other times I want to run from it. Nevertheless, I embrace it.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to the new year! Wish I could tell you that I'll be celebrating at church or at some cool,swanky party somewhere (hell, maybe just a party) or something exciting. Not. I'll be fundraising at the Dome (Chick fil a Bowl). It's cool. It's all for a good purpose.

However you choose to bring in the New Year, be safe! Live life fully and love completely! And definitely "do you".

See ya next year!
Much Love..

Have you made a list or plans for yourself for 2009? If so, what are yours?....


  1. For me: Show more confidence*Stop procrastinating*Wear COMFY heels (lol)*Manage finances better

    The passport is one of those things that seems so intimidating but once you guys go, it's really simple and it should only take a couple of weeks to receive them.

    E-mail me whenever you want to prepare the white bean salad! :-)

  2. Most certainly, Gem! However, "comfy" heels?

  3. Lol, I really believe they exist! I think the secret (for me at least) will be revealed in round-toe heels.

  4. I agree with the entire list! I also need to add drop-off about 15-18 pounds. I have to speak this into existence (not just in my mind). I will be doing the PT Race for the third time but I plan to do 3 additional races this year. I did two last year, so let's step it up boo! Overdosing on positiveness is a major necessity this year also! Ms. M

  5. Great list you have here. I have been trying to take up yoga but it never seems to fit in my schedule at the gym. I already work there so needless to say, I'm not trying to overload on classes but I will get to it this year. One my resolutions or better word is goals, is to pay more attention to myself, my physical and spiritual self. I'm working on it as we speak (write). Great blog.

  6. Hi Terie!

    I definitely hear you on your goals. I wish you the best. I'm curious...what are you studying?

    Thanks for checking my blog out!
    Happy New Year!


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