Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Role Are You Playing?.....

Hi Beautifuls!

Last Thursday was a ridiculously rough day for me. I woke up to a horrible session of female "issues". Doped myself up in order to get to work so that I could make a retirement luncheon being given for one of our senior officers. Then got a surprise when I checked my banking account only to see a miniscule balance. I was livid! Pissed! Hellbent on blaming the bank for trying to make money off of me. (Something that I already understand banks do.) I called. I visited them only to realize (after calming down) that everything that had occurred w/my account was by my own doing. ..I screwed up. As I reflected on this event over this weekend, I realized that I had been playing the role of "the victim". Dun dun duunnn! You know...the person that everyone is conspiring against. The person who's always getting f*cked over by somebody else. The one whom the world and all the events there in (physical and metaphysical alike) are synchronized to constantly screw up their everyday existence. Supposedly jinxed by God himself, they're always (or mostly) in a combative or defensive state of mind. An Eeyore or a Rabbit.(C'mon folks. I know I wasn't the only kid into Winnie the Pooh) The sourpus in the bunch. The angry bitch. Basically, the one you hate to see coming. Okay, I wasn't to that degree of it but you get my point. I was definitely in that place.

You know... it always amazes me how I always seem to get what I need. No. Let me rephrase that. God never ceases to amaze me by supplying me with what I need. And I'm not talkin' material stuff. I was surfing the web in more detail, as I usually do during the weekend and was checking out one of my fav. raw vegan sites, We Like It Raw. Philip McCluskey happened to write a post that included a video entitled "Reclaiming Your Power". In his video, he touched on things I felt I already knew but actually didn't because I wasn't 100% consciously living it... Case in point #2. I had the opportunity to go to a celebration of life for someone I knew. I chose not to go because I didn't want to deal with the people at the church where it was taking place because of this, that & every other reason. After checking out Philip's video, I knew that I had not totally reclaimed the power that I had given to them. Again..I was playing the role of "the victim". Dun dun duunnnn!! Well, all is not lost because I am now very much aware of this thought pattern.

In his post, he also touched on some other points which I have partially included.

*Be your own guru, doctor, and lover. Self-love and empowerment is key. When you capture the true essence of loving yourself you will discover magical perfection in every moment.
*The Universe is always conspiring on your behalf. There is nothing that could ever happen that could go "wrong". Don't judge events, just be in the moment & recognize them as growth opportunities.
*Be the change you want to see in the world. Do you love and accept everyone, even those living lifestyles you don't agree with? Do you see God in everyone's eyes you meet or are you looking for faults or things to compare yourself with?

Talk about a positive thinking and energy! I'd love to meet this guy!

I've attached Philip's video. It's a little more than 9 minutes long and every bit worth it.

By the way, he has a very positive site, LovingRaw! Check him out when you get a chance. His story is amazing!



  1. Oh,wow! This is simply what I needed this morning as I fight to dodge the negativity, denounce my own "victim role", focus on positive energy, and God's promise!

    Can't wait to find out more on Philip. Thanks for sharing! ~Ms. M

  2. i agree in essence we create out own reality

  3. I love this post. I have always been an advocate for positive thinking, and for taking responsibility for your life and the things that occur.

    Also, studies show that many terminally ill people (cancer, etc.) who view the disease as something they can fight against and take control of live longer or beat the disease compared to people who view themselves as a victim of the disease, helpless, etc.


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