Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"My Big Beautiful Ass?".....Really.

As I've said before, last week was "ultra" busy for me. There were end of semester projects and programs for my daughter, dinner party to prepare for & work at, cheerleader practice, and purchases to be made all on top of my regular 9 to 5 job. I finalized my hectic schedule on this past Saturday with the coordination of getting my daughters new bed. She had been sleeping in her same converted toddler "twin-size" bed that she had had since her birth. Yes, I do realize that this was an overdue purchase but it was at least twin-size. Either way, I had to coordinate her salon appt. along with her cheerleading practice while leaving enough of a window somewhere in there to pick up and get the bed home. And then have it put together. Needless to say, I was running all day long.

Anyhoo, while running between her salon appt., scheduling the pick-up/drop-off of the bed & impending practice, I stopped into a Wally's to get a chocolate colored bedskirt to coordinate with her pink-hued bedding. Whilst hastily walking towards the entrance of the Wally World I heard a man yell, "Better get that big beautiful ass across the road for you get hit!" I kept walking thinking, "Surely this muhfuggah is not talking to me." Oh, but he was. (Breathe in. Breathe out.) He then decides to pull up beside me. Mind you, by then I'm giving him the WTF-is-wrong-with-you-you-can't-be-serious look. I mean really! WTF!! And he says (after checking the aforementioned look on my face), "You so pretty. I was just giving you a compliment."

blank stare along w/the sound of crickets

Are you frickin' serious?!!.. Has it come to this?!...
(breathe in. breathe out)

Needles to say, I had neither the time nor the energy to school him on proper pick-up line etiquette. I went on into the store wondering, "What da hell has happened to people's thought pattern and the singles scene." I mean really.

Is this ish really acceptable these days?....
What are your thoughts on this?.....


  1. Good Morning Divas! I am seriously sitting here laughing as I ask myself, "Where are the good ones?"

    We have all experienced some level of harrassment, invasion of personal space, or hell just plain verbal assault. I believe one time I just felt dirty with hearing comments like, "..sexy MoFo". Sexy MoFo?! Are you serious? Yes, that will definitely get you in good. Not!

    In most cases, we are talking about grown ass man making these ignorant statements. It is so sad and yes it does piss me off. Hell, I'm a lady, so why don't you just try saying "hello". Ms. M~

  2. What really trips me out is that he felt totally & completely comfortable enough to yell this ish out. He really thought it was okay, which also leads me to believe that he's done this dumb ish before and the female(s) found it acceptable. It's sad & crazy at the same time.

  3. Don't even let it sweat you; cuz yous a laaa-dy (She-neh-neh voice). Seriously though, as you stated somewhere there is a woman who will respond positively to what he is saying. That just lets you know that he has a child mentality and is seeking a woman that parallels that...nothing more to see here folks. You should have just kept the blank face; that really just shuts them down, lol.

    I think the worse for me was years ago I had on a blue sweater, jeans and blue boots and some dude yelled out Blue Ribbon! Blue Ribbon! Come here! Oh, so I'm a prize-winning horse now? LOL

  4. How much do you want to bet his name is probably Leroy.....? LOL

    Some of these males...if their mama could see them now they would get smacked clear across the back of their head.

  5. "Leroy"?!!..ROFL!!
    That's a good one, Ravynn!!

    Much Luv!


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