Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In The Raw

Good Morning Beautifuls!

Just had to share... I'm always on the lookout for organic foods when in local grocery stores chains, since they are more convenient to my home. I actually stopped by Kroger Grocery to pick up a few bags of frozen organic fruit for my smoothies. Now let me say that I must commend this grocery chain on their Natural Foods Section. They have really impressed me with the amount and the selection of natural and organic foods they offer. First of all, I appreciate that they sell their frozen fruit for around $4 as opposed to $5 and $6 that I've seen in Publix. Sometimes the 10 oz bags will be on sale for around $3.50- $3.70. Although, not as good as Whole Foods, which typically sells the fruit for around $2.99 to 3-something, I still say that is pretty good for a chain store price. So to everyone if you didn't already know, price comparison is vital. Unless you just got it like that. If so, I ain't mad. Do ya thang!

Now, I also noticed some raw foods bars in Kroger. This really pleasantly surprised me! Kroger really is steppin' up their natural foods game! Or they could just be trying to expand another capitalistic opportunity but I digress... (I know. I'm over-thinking.) I am happy that I was able to pick up a few bars. They are crucial to me at this point in my raw foods journey.


  1. You know, I have always wanted to try food bars/breakfast bars but have been afraid to try them for some reason. I always side-eye them in the store, lol. I imagine them tasting like a hybrid of a rice-krispie treat and something else...

    Are they good?...Are they...delish? I may have to cross over to the dark side. I'm just afraid of the unknown! But I really need a snack for my classes that are in the evening that's vegan and not Ritz crackers...I think I overdosed on Ritz this semester.

  2. Give it a try! Especially if they're on sale. You may have already told me but how long have you been vegan?...


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