Friday, December 5, 2008


**UPDATE** This is my masterpiece! My first raw recipe.

Good Morning Beautifuls!

And Happy Friday! I hope that all has been well in your world. Yesterday was a bit rough for me (I'll post about that next week) but all is well.

I am so happy! I tried my first raw foods..whichever-title-you-wanna-attach-to-it recipe. For whatever reason, I had been craving avocado. Although I couldn't imagine eating it by itself, I could definitely envision eating it in a nori roll. I wanted to try one already made however I didn't want one w/any type nut butter in it. Just wanted it a little more simple. Anyhoo, I combed a lot of online recipes and decided to just wing it off of my taste buds. So I picked up some untoasted (the black ones) nori sheets, an avocado, a cucumber, sprouts and green onion. I already had some carrots and some Bragg's amino's. I successfully scooped the avocado out (Yay me!) and cut the carrots and cucumber into strips. I also marinated the carrots and cucumber in the Bragg's amino's for about 15 minutes. I layered all ingredients on the nori roll and proceeded to roll it up. I admit it was a little messy but very delicious. I ate one last night and made one for my lunch today. I'm so proud and happy!! I accomplished my first raw food recipe! I'll have to attach a photo of my success later. Ran out of time.

Also, on yesterday I received my Curlmart order. Let me tell you about Jessicurl WDT. I put some on my hair this a.m. and talk about soft. And it smells so good. I purchased the Lavender & Citrus scented WDT. ..Heavenly.. I don't know if I will try any of the other products before I get weaved up cause after today, my hair will be back in a bun. Just had to let you know about that one.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Amidst school projects and cheerleading practice, I plan on it.
Be sure to do something for yourself. And as always, "Do You."...


  1. LOL! Congrats on your first uncooking project! I think you've discovered the best way to create – let your taste buds be the guide. :D

  2. Thanks earthmother! I appreciate (& need) the encouragement!

  3. Your recipe sounds delicious! My in-laws were raw foodists for quite some time; now they are back to cooked veggies, but still vegetarian... it's an interesting lifestyle that takes a LOT of patience and planning, but, I'm told, well worth it. Good luck with it!

    And thanks for the head's up on the products. I'm natural as are my daughters, but I admit to dropping the ball on products... I just ordered my Ms. Jessie's off of the site you mentioned. I'm going to have to let you know how it turns out.

    Do you have any tips for how to correct hair stripped during pressing? I go back and forth between pressed hair and natural hairstyles, but the pressing is stripping my hair, leaving strands of straight hair in my afro (so not cute). Have you had this problem at all? And if so, what do you recommend? And are Ms. Jesse's products safe for children's hair?

    Glad I found you!

  4. Denene, thanks for coming through!

    Sorry to hear about the stripping. I haven't had that happen but I have read some hair threads discussing just that. The recommendations I read were to up the moisture and to do a protein treatment (like Aphoghee or 2 egg/5 T olive oil mixture). If you do the mixture, just apply it as you would Aphoghee. Also, it doesn't hurt to add an essential oil to cut the smell. And/or you may want to try baggying w/an oil overnight and deep conditioning. I'd try it all.

    I hope that this helps in some way. Please let me know...

  5. Raw food?


    Get me something greasy.

    Just swinging past to say hello.

  6. Looks delish! Congrats on you first raw masterpiece!

  7. Girl, I thought that was some picture you grabbed off the web somewhere until I started reading your post. OMG...It looks so like something straight out the chef's kitchen. Please send me that recipe.


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