Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday, Beautifuls!!

I just wanted to drop a quick post in. This time of year can be crazy stressful between the workload, holiday season, gifting pressure and so forth, let alone the overall state of the economy. So I wanted to remind you to take some time out for yourself. Carve a couple of hours or more, and have yourself a spa day in your own bathroom, give yourself a mani or pedi, buy that CD you've been wanting,lock yourself in & crank it up and dance. Do something to refresh your body, mind and spirit. After all, you're worth it! Of course you are... You're the caregiver, the counselor, the on-call nurse, mommy, the loving wife or lady-friend, the chef, the hard worker, etc. etc. With a long list of titles, all of this can be overwhelming and taxing. So take a deep breath and cater to yourself so that you can continue being that person you are...simply beautiful.

2008 BET Awards Maxwell - Simply Beautiful -

Peace and Much Love,


  1. This is so truem and thanks for the reminder!
    Ms. M

  2. I needed this post! I'm going to treat myself with a museum/ice skating day.

  3. Bohemian Bookworm, I'm glad to hear that! Do ya thang, girl! Do ya thang!

  4. So true, thanks for the reminder, we all should take some time to focus on yourselves. I hope you are taking some time out for yourself too. :-)


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