Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I'm Thankful For.....

Good Morning Beautifuls!

As the holiday approaches, I've been reflecting on the things that I am truly thankful for. To be honest, my list could go on forever but for the sake of time I have simplified it. So here goes...

1. my preteen daughter. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring life into the earth. Raising her has (and still is) helping me to see the things in myself that need improvement.

2. my family. (the conglomerate of unique characters)

3. my wonderful friends. In particular, Ms. M (and U know who U r) who has shown me what a true friend is. Loves ya, has your back, keeps an open ear, calls U to the carpet when necessary & always supportive. U really know me and you're still my friend. Much luv, my sistah!

4. my job. Although I do not hold it in high regard, I ain't complaining during this economic time of uncertainty/instability.

5. sound mind and good health!

6. the tears I shed whenever I see an injustice or someone hurt, or a sappy scene on tv. They (my tears) remind me of my humanity & that I still can be touched.

7. the tragedies/bad times in my life. In reflection, these events have shaped me into the person I am today. Because of them, I've learned not to take life for granted and that every waking (& sleeping) moment is precious and should be lived as such.

8. to have experienced love in my life.

9. for my kitty. Well, really my daughter's cat. She (Kiara the kitty) has totally changed my view of the domestic feline. She's a sweet (& very spoiled) lap kitty. I heart her!

here's a doozie..
10. I am so thankful for the things that I so desperately wanted to happen and/or go my way but didn't. Thank God!! Cause it never failed, either I wasn't ready for it or it wasn't what I thought it would be or it simply was not for me.

and lastly..
11. for my fellow bloggers. You all have helped me to see how huge this world really is yet touchable. I thank you for your comradery. Your presence blesses me as I hope mine does for you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Peace and Blessings to You All!


  1. I'm thankful for you posting this. Not to be overly emotional right now, but I really wanted to shed a tear as I was reading through this post. We have all been through something this year, some more than others. Finances, for one, have been tested. However, for me, I can truly say that no matter what I can honestly say that....

    I am so incredibly thankful for my Father, my friend, my Lord! He has been so much to me this year even when I knew I was about to give in.

    I am also thankful for my health. Thank you God!

    I'm thankful for my family. You only get one - so just love them for who they are (lol).

    I am thankful for those few individuals that I know as my friends. No, they are truly my family. I have to thank COrchid, especially. You have stretched your wings and I will enjoy watching you sore amongst the highest of the high!

    I am definitely thankful to have a job. Although, I have my days in here! I also pray for those who are seeking employment.

    Happy Thanksgiving to All - God Bless!
    Ms. M


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