Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On My Wish List...

Good Morning Beautifuls!

I hope that you all are doing well. I played hookie yesterday. I have been trying to post this for the longest but hopefully today is a success.

I just had to share! The vision for my home decor is slowly coming about. I went onto HGTV's Find Your Style page to get an idea (or better yet name) of what my design style may be. The quiz results said that my style is "Ethnic Eclectic". This gave me a great explanation as to why I'm drawn to a bit of everything! I was actually relieved to know that it is an actual style instead of me simply having no clue.

On to my story... I've been searching for an Asian-style cabinet/armoire for my room. One with a couple of shelves and at least one drawer. My desire is to use it to house my hair products (on one shelf), my essential oils (for the 2nd shelf), and my blow dryer/flat iron and any other hair accessories for the drawer. Well, I was strolling through the Perimeter Place Shopping Plaza and happened upon a very interesting looking store called Kava Decor.

Kava Decor is a home decor boutique that I instantly feel for. It boasts the ethnic eclectic style that I've embraced. The smell of incense greets you as soon as you walk in the store. They play music from all of the world while you shop. Not exactly a place I would expect to find in or near Dunwoody, GA... Maybe Little Five Points or Virginia Highlands but this part of town??!! Nah, no way!!.. But I was pleasantly surprised! Kava is filled with uniquely designed furnishings for every room, lighting fixtures, floor treatments, accessories, art & more. I spoke w/Mor who is part owner of Kava (he's very helpful and informative). He expressed to me that artists help to supply his store. Impressive!

When I strolled to the back of this wonderful boutique I spotted my Asian-style armoire! Love at first sight! Talk about excited! This is what I've been looking for! Unfortunately, it's not in my current budget, but I'm working on that! This may have to be a "splurge of the month" item for me. **side note**..I honestly haven't been to the store in awhile. I'm afraid it may be gone. But I'll definitely keep you posted on that!

Anyhoo... I just had to share and let you all know about this wonderful store. If you like unique items or are just curious, go check Kava out. It's definitely worth the trip. Kava Decor is located at 4350 Olde Perimeter Way in the Perimeter Place Shopping District in the ATL. You can contact them at 770-351-9377 or visit them on the net at www.kavadecor.com.


  1. Thanks for all your compliments...
    I'm sorry to report we'll be shutting down soon. "Your" cabinet is still on our floor, and considering we're currently having a liquidation sale going on, you can get your beloved piece AND save some $$$ while you do so.

    We'll be closing for good in a bout a week. I would suggest you hurry for our best deals.

    Hope to see you soon
    (and sorry for the bad news)

    Mor & Guy.

  2. Oh my! I really hate to hear that! I love your store! I'll definitely come by.


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