Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Raw Journey Update

Good Morning Beautifuls!

I feel so much better than I did yesterday. I got a little more sleep. How about you? I hope that you're doing well.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to go cold turkey in my quest to go raw. Keep in mind that I plan on only being 80 to 90% raw. I had thought about purchasing "The Box" from www.rawvolution.com. But after much contemplation, I believe it will be cheaper for me to purchase ready-made raw meals from Sprout Cafe. I figure I can get double the amount of food for under $100. This should help me in process. Either way, something must be done b/c this weekend was a bust for me.

I have been able to incorporate more greens in my smoothies without ill effect. I was slightly "headachy". Seeing as that's a good sign of detoxification that just confirms I'm on the right track. Aside from those things, I will be placing my order for my personal blender. YAY ME!.. And I've decided that I will purchase the Hemp Maca E3Live Protein Powder. I read/heard some good things about the e3Live products, so I will add this powder to my smoothies. I may go ahead and purchase some regular raw powder like Maca or Acai but my schedule calls for me to get some extra in my diet.

What about you? What are you doing to eat more healthy?...


  1. Girl, you are better than me. I tried to go raw and didn't make it past one day. Really. I was a sight!

    Godd luck. I'll be taking a multivitamin. =D

  2. Wow, InstantVintage... lol....
    I'll definitely keep posting my progress.

  3. More power to you! I may try the raw thing later on in life. I have been eating vegan for more than a year and a half, and I feel really good. I'm in school and work full time so I'm not able to experiment with cooking as much as I want to, but one day! I have some great vegan cookbooks and websites that are keeping me afloat right now.

  4. Hey ChocolateOrchid,

    Lovely blog, great topic. I have been contemplating going on a raw fast for a little bit. One book that I have found helpful is Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing The Feminine Body by Queen Afua. The book is tailored for women of color.

    Nu Girl

  5. Wow,that sounds interesting! I will have to look into that book!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you often!


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