Friday, November 14, 2008

Maxwell -- Lawd Jesus!!!!!

Happy Friday Beautifuls!

Well, we've made it through another week and as promised I'm posting on the much anticipated Maxwell Concert. *take a moment to exhale*...He's so swexy. And he's definitely still got it!

First of all, I didn't realize that his concert was sold out! After checking his website tour listing, I noticed that most of them are. I'm so happy for him! He was so humble during the show. Making sure he thanked all of us for selling his show out without him having a new album or a hit song. I was thinking, "Is he trippin' or what? You're Maxwell! Nothing's changed! Of course we're selling your show out!"

Anyhoo, the backdrop was simple. He needs nothing elaborate. Simply showing up and singing is enough. And believe me, the ladies let him know just that. It was amazing to witness hundreds of grown women screaming like young school girls (namely myself). And he did not disappoint. He did all of his classics that we love like, "Get to Know Ya", "Fortunate", "Lifetime", "This Woman's Work", and of course "Til The Cops Come Knockin'" ..*shudders*..Ooh Wee, did he do that one! ..I'm still not over that performance. And I ain't even gonna lie, I left that concert "satisfied" if you know what I mean. ..Whew!...

I would go into more detail but I don't want to spoil anything for those who are going to his concert. If you're undecided, let me tell you it is more than worth it! Me and my friends are still floating (2 days later) from his performance. The pic. on the right is our pre-concert photo. (I'm on the far left in all black) My head was so turned out after the concert that I didn't think to take another photo. I couldn't think! Myself and my friends were so euphoric and utterly useless. It was a done dada.

Well Beautifuls! You all have a wonderful weekend. Definitely check out his concert if he's coming to your town. If not, take you a moment to break out some Maxwell music, light a candle, and grab a glass of wine. I promise you, you will get a similar effect.

Peace and Blessings!!

**the above Maxwell photo is courtesy of Atlanta D. Cohen/**


  1. Lawd if the tickets weren't hitting for so much, I would have gone to see the shoe.

    Have a good weekend, too!

  2. InstantVintage, thanks for visiting!

  3. I missed the Houston show; tickets were too much :-(. But good for him for selling all these tours out with no new record! I can't wait for his new album.


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