Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again.....

I just found out that Miss Jessie's holiday promotion will be in full swing beginning Nov. 21 thru Dec. 31st. As I've stated before, I haven't had much luck w/their products but the pj in me is moving me to give them another try. I also factor in the fact that I am able to use products now that I couldn't use when my hair was a bit shorter. Either way, I'm eager to give them another try and this buy 1, get 1 free promotion is the perfect opportunity! I'm also considering getting my hair shingled for my b'day in February.

**side note** A good friend of mine who as she put it (is outside the natural community- of hair that is) asked me "what is shingling"? I'm glad she did b/c I made a ridiculous assumption that everyone knew. Anyhoo, shingling is basically where you take small sections of detangled hair and apply ,in this case, Miss Jessie's Curling Pudding from the root to the tip. Please note that I have seen people do this without their pudding as seen on biracialhair.org, so I do believe that you can use other products. Either way, after applying the product to the secion of hair you comb it thru from root to end. You begin this product at the nape to the front of the head. Once done, you either allow the hair to air dry or sit under a dryer. The point of their products and styling methods are to coax curls. Although I wouldn't use their products everyday due to content, I think their great for styling every now and then.

I'm also digging their new website setup. Check out the Styling Section it's really helpful. I've always appreciated their site for that!

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