Monday, November 3, 2008

I Just Had An Epiphany!

Okay... As I made my way down to the building's Cafe (cause I'm starving), I realized or remembered why I was craving some processed food this weekend. According to Victoria Boutenko in 12 Steps to Raw Foods, cravings are caused by our bodies need for nourishment.

In her book, she states the following:

....I believe that the epidemics of degenerative disease experienced today are rooted in the lack of proper nutrition that has already lasted for an extensive period of time......
To cope with the malnourishment, the human body creates an additional urge to eat, and we begin feeling constantly hungry. Our cells are "crying" for all the nutrients we need. Sadly, we respond to this urge by eating more processed food, which promotes even further malnourishment, along with an increased dependency on processed food, greater cravings, and compulsive eating. .....

She goes on to saying that is her reason she recommends nourishing your body by blending your greens into smoothies before switching to a raw diet. I so can't wait to get my blender (personal & regular)! This explains why I did better eating on Friday than Saturday. On Friday, I ended up getting a raw lunch from Return to Eden. It was actually one from Sprouts Cafe. It was a raw Pad Thai meal. It was delicioso!!

What is also key is preparation. The better prepared I am the better this transition will be. Either way, I'll be going for a greener smoothie tonight!

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