Friday, November 21, 2008

"DO YOU" CHICK...Erykah Badu

Happy Friday Beautifuls!

One of my fave "Do You" Chick's is the one and only Erykah Badu. Aside from diggin' her music & it's vibe, I appreciate her for flaunting her natural hair in the face of a society that's not to keen on anything that ain't "straight" or mainstream acceptable. She helped (dare I say, sparked) the natural hair movement. On top of which she is truly talented musically, vocally and in acting. I'll never forget her performance in "The Cider House Rules". It's a must see! According to the site,, she is set to play a leading role opposite Mos Def in the indie film, "Bobby Zero". Congrats, Ms. Badu!! Do your thang!!

I just had to leave you with a video of one of my fave songs/performances by her. It's from her VH-1 Soul Stage concert. The song is "The Other Side of the Game".

Have a wonderful weekend!
And as always, "Do you".


  1. She is the epitome of "do you"! I love her. I always loved the video for Other Side of the Game. I would love to see how her hair actually looks because she's always wearing wigs. I give her mad, mad props for wearing wigs that are afros or curly or locs. She is fierce.

  2. She is true woman. Nice spot u have here, hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

    rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me

  3. Thanks for so much for coming by my blog. It really does my heart good to see visit my site!

    Yes, she is fierce Bohemian Bookworm.

    Torrance Stephens -All-Mi-T, I'll definitely check out your spot!


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