Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The One and Only--Qhemet Biologics!

Good Morning!

I hope that all things are well w/you! I just got some news that I'm really excited to hear! My staple hair product line -- Qhemet (pronounced KIM MET) Biologics will possibly be expanding to a centrally located health food store in the metro Atlanta area. Now, let me tell you I admit to being a PJ (product junkie) when it comes to my hair, however I always go back to Qhemet. They use all natural products that are free of mineral oil, lanolin, and silicones among other things. Also, their containers are Bisphenol-A free! The oils used help to promote healthy hair and growth. When you get a moment, check out the site at!

If you already know about Qhemet, love the products and live in the metro Atlanta area, give Return to Eden Organic Market (2335 Cheshire Bridge Rd.) a call. Ask to speak to Asaiah (pronounced EYE Sigh Yah) to request that they carry Qhemet products. And/or if you're interested in trying the line go to the website and order the "Soften and Hydrate" sampler. Great products!! My hair is natural (meaning no relaxer or texturizer) but I do believe that her products would be beneficial to those who have any type relaxer or chemicals in their hair.


  1. I keep hearing about these products...I guess I'm gonna have to try them on my fro...

  2. I love their products. They are wonderful. I get them shipped to Tx. on the regular because I am constantly giving it away to people to try. The detangler is the best product and you can get sample sizes which I recommend to try and see if it works for you.

  3. marriedtoit, I love their products, too. When I first chopped off my hair (I had about 7 to 8 inches cut off) I tried the sampler and was a bit heavy handed so I wasn't really feeling it. After my hair grew out some more I gave it another try and now I'm sold out for Qhemet!
    get togetha, these products are definitely worth a try!


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