Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Importance of Eating Right

Good Morning Beautiful!

This past weekend I went to a Raw Foods potluck and met some pretty interesting people. One person in particular talked about how she had suffered from tumors for some time. She decided to change her diet to improve her health. No, she didn't do a raw foods diet. She committed to Jordin Rubin's "The Maker's Diet" and saw a drastic improvement in her health. Drastic to the point that her tumors went away.

I wanted to share this info. because "The Maker's Diet" is not a raw foods diet. It is a 40-day program divided into three two-week phases. You can eat any fish as long as it has fins and scales but should avoid any without them. You can also eat any meat that chews the cud as long as it has a cloven or split hoof. This excludes the pig. "The Maker's Diet" is designed to attach the three I's - insulin, infection, and inflammation. No junk food, fast food, or prepackaged foods prepared in microwave ovens. The recipes and meal plans are full of healthy meats, fruits, vegetables and grains.

I felt it important to share this with you because it's an example of how much what you put into your body affects your health. She did not use medicine. She did not have surgery. She did not do chemotherapy. She simply changed her eating habits cutting out sugar and all other processed foods and her body was able to heal itself of those tumors.

I hope that this has in some way enlighten you about the importance of a healthy diet. Have a wonderful day!!

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