Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Debate

Good Morning Beautifuls!

I hope all is well in your world. I truthfully did not watch the debate in its entirety but the parts that I did peep in on were a bit intense. At times, I was laughing at McCain's attempt to rattle Obama.

How did you all see the debate? Who do you think "took it"? And was it just me or did I hear John McCain at one time say that he was against the Iraq war? (Please clarify that for me.) And lastly, do you think they could have mentioned Joe the plummer a little more?...

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  1. I watched the entire debate and I thought it was laughable how McCain attacked Obama and had him on the defense. McCain was negative and seemed angry throughout the debate. McCain lost it when he stayed on the topic of Obama's relationships with Ayers and ACORN too long. He (McCain) showed how negative his campaign has been even though he said his ads have not been negative, but truthful. McCain's facial expressions showed how angry and sarcastic he was being as well. Obama definitely won this debate by staying cool and showing how Presidential he could be even when under attack.
    The mention of Joe, the plumber by McCain was an attempt to relate to the middle class, but it didn't work because he even used that in a sarcastic way. By mentioning Joe, the plumber, so much, McCain invited the media to check out Joe and now they have found that he is not even licensed in his state and although Joe was inquiring of Obama about paying higher taxes if he bought a business, he has a tax lien against him now.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Kudos to you for your blog and as you embark on your healthy journey!


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