Friday, October 24, 2008

Do You Chick!

Good Morning Beautifuls!

Another one of my favorite "Do You" chicks is Kelis Rogers, or simply "Kelis". A Harlem, NY native, Kelis is generally known as the queen of "alternative" R&B. To me, she's fearless. She does not compromise. She simply does herself and could care less what others may think. If you're curious, she was born to a musician and fashion designer which I'm sure played a part in her choice of career and fashion outlook.

I admire her boldness. And I love her gorgeous tattoo! It runs the length of the left side of her back and is an exquisite work of art. Because she's always changing her look you never quite know what to expect from her. She definitely believes in mixing it up! Though she's presently working a short straighter 'do (I'm still missing her big coily/curly hair!) I still have much respect for her.

Well Beautifuls... you have a happy Friday, a wonderful weekend, and do something for yourself. And as always.... Do you.

Much love,

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