Thursday, October 23, 2008

The CW's Stylista!

Good Morning Beautiful!

I have a confession to make... While some reality shows really irk me, others totally capture my attention. Typically these attention grabbers have to do with fashion or style like "Project Runway", "Design Star", "What Not To Wear", and sometimes "ANTM". But last night I must say that I was hooked from the start to the CW's "Stylista"! The first show was crazy ridiculous! From the start there was catiness and breakdowns! I was like, "Damn! Already?!". If you didn't catch it, I would liken it to "The Devil Wears Prada".

In this first episode, all contestants were challenged to prepare breakfast for Elle Magazine's Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, a demanding but highly respected fashion icon. The each had 45 minutes to get to the deli which was 6 blocks away, get back and prepare a healthy breakfast in a good presentation for Anne. Let me tell you, Ashlee (lone black lady) got lost and found the store seems like within the last 15 minutes. She returned to the office w/about 2 minutes left and pulled it together. She ended up winning the first challenge. Go girl!

Each contestant was also judged on their attire. One fella, William did look like he was straight off the set of the movie "Clockwork Orange". It was hilarious! Either way, I definitely feel like this show is worth checking out. The grand prize is a paid editorial at Elle magazine, a paid lease on a "Manhattan" apartment, and a clothing allowance at H&M all for one year. I'll take that! I also commend Tyra Banks. As one of the executive producers of the show, I must say that she is doing her thang! Work it Tyra!!

If you watched the show, what's your take on it?...

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