Monday, September 29, 2008

Is It Just Too Much or Just Right

Good Morning Beautifuls!
I hope that all is well in your world. I was listening to the radio this morning and one of my fav. songs of the moment came on, "Bust the Windows Out Your Car" by Jazmine Sullivan which seems to be causing a bit of a stir, maybe even a little controversy. Now let me first tell you that I'm not one to advocate vandalism. And I'm definitely not condoning any type retaliation due to a broken heart. However, to me this is an awesome song! It's artistic. It's theatrical... It's real. I love this artist's voice and her delivery of the song is powerful and full of emotion. ..sidenote: I'll be seeing her, along w/Maxwell in concert in Nov. Can't wait! Will post on that!

Anyhoo, yesterday I was speaking w/some other ladies about this song and one of them comically (yet honestly) replied, "I can appreciate this song.". cracked me up. But I understand.

What are your feelings on this song?...

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